How to Kill Your Boss

trailer (1min)

feature film (99mins) UNRATED

Ever hated your boss? James hates the hell out of his boss and spends his free time concocting a bulletproof plan to murder him.

When Sprague (Matt Cutts) vanishes in the same way James (James Frost) planned, our hero suspects someone else may be actually using what he only intended as a joke.

He enlists the aid of his wise and fiercely attractive best friend Autumn (Erin McGarry) and attempts to drag his roguish “so-called” best friend Justyn (Justyn Scott Reese) along on his dark adventure of redemption.

Struggling against the tide of destiny, James discovers sinister forces afoot that blur the line between predator and prey. The march of coming doom grows ever louder as James races to save the man he hates.