In early 2009, our Creative Director found himself two days into a peyote fueled misadventure in the Lower Santa Fe Desert. As he skittered across the still-hot sands of the twilight, he was met by a large hare, adorned by a seven-point rack of antlers and a silken coat of fur glowing blood-red. He asked the animal whether it knew of any rivers nearby, or perhaps a refrigerated drinking fountain. Instead, the creature answered in only four words: “buy it, show them,” and disappeared into the sea of sand.

Ten hours later our hero arrived at the hotel he should have been ready to check out of almost three days prior. As his brother and two good friends slept, he (remarkably stealthily) stole two wallets and a purse and took a town car to the nearest pawn shop. It was there he blew over $10,000 on high definition film, sound and lighting equipment: his first step to realizing the words of his Prophet.

As we do our best to recover our losses from that day in an industry in which none of us has any interest or talent, we have named our company after this desert oracle to remind ourselves of the heights of betrayal our friend and brother is capable.